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Amazon Music is Now Available in India [ Tips and Tricks ]

Amazon has finally launched the Amazon Music in India. It is subscription based service part of their prime membership. If you already have a prime membership you can start using the ad-free Amazon music right away. You can start using the service via or you can download the app for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

Music app is really intuitive. Initially, when you sign in with your prime ID, app/web will ask you for the music preference. All the major languages are supported (Like any other music service ). It will filter the result and provide you with the popular music.

We think that Amazon Music is a really good offering. Currently, prime membership will cost you INR 999/year. Which is 83.25/month, making it far cheaper than Apple Music (INR 120/month) and Google Play Music (INR 99/month).

Amazon Music India Tips - Website

Amazon Music Website

On the other hand, Apple student plan offers the same deal at INR 60/month. But in Prime, you are also getting the benefit of free shipping on shopping, prime videos, and prime music.

Both Apple and Google have almost 40 million songs on the offer. Amazon hasn’t provided a figure on how much they are offering.

With the mobile app, you also have the option to download music for offline listening. Here are some Amazon music India tips which might come handy if you decide to give this app a try.

How to Download songs On Amazon Music for Offline Listening?


You need to download the Amazon Music app on your phone. Once you sign in and select the preferred languages. You can continue to the next step.

Unlike other music apps, Amazon music doesn’t provide you a direct download option.

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On the Home Screen, if you open a playlist and check the song menu, there isn’t going to be a download option.

There are two ways to download a song. Either go to the album then select the menu and download or add particular song to your music and from there you can download it.

Method 1 – 

Open the playlist you want to download songs from. You can select a song and open the album. Where you can download a particular song.

amazon music india tips

In the playlist, there would be many songs. You need to select the song and click, go to album. Once you are in the album, you will see all other songs in the album. Here you can download the one you want ( Click on 3 dots and click download )


Method 2 –

Simply open the playlist. Select the song you want to download. Then from the menu select add to my music. Now from the option below.
Go to my music. You will see all the songs you have added here. For saving them offline. You need to select the song menu and click on download.

Amazon Music India Tips


Bonus Tip 

If you want to download the whole playlist/album just click on the 3 dots and select download.

But we think adding songs to My Music library is the best. You can listen to the same songs if you access the music from web or other app.


Changing the Music Streaming Quality


By default, the music streaming is set to auto to provide you with uninterrupted and best music playback. But if your area has better connectivity you can change the streaming quality easily.

Step 1-

Head Over to the setting of your music app ( Left side top corner gear icon )

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Step 2 –

Now go to playback section. Under there you have > Music network stream quality. By default, it is set to auto. Change it to Best.


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Though you will have the best quality, it will consume lots of data. If you don’t want to compromise that, leaving it to auto would be the best choice.


Conclusion –  Amazon Music India Tips

Amazon music is a really amazing service from e-commerce giant. In prime membership not only you get Prime video, now you can also enjoy music. Let us know which premium music service do you use?

Would you switch to Amazon music? Let us know in the comments below.


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