Best Video Streaming Services in India: Which One is Best for You?

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In past couple of years, video streaming services in India have flourished so much. All thanks to lower data prices and expansion of digital India .campaign. We can also thank Reliance Jio which shook the market and forced its competitors to lower the data prices. According to reports, India has the best data rates around the world.

Reed Hastings CEO and co-founder Netflix in an interview with TOI said, “We got lucky because, just as we launched in India, Reliance Jio was launched and its competitors lowered data rates. So, the cost of data in India has fallen like nowhere else in the world.

Earlier YouTube was the king of video streaming in India before all other streaming services showed up. Another option was torrent sites which are not only illegal (for pirated content ) but also being banned by almost all the ISPs. Today we have so many video streaming services to choose from both free and premium.

Today we are comparing the best video streaming services in India. Here are some things you should know about before choosing the best video streaming service for movies and TV shows.


Best Video Streaming Services in India Compared


Best Video Streaming Services in India Compared



1 – Netflix

Best Video Streaming Services in India netflix

Netflix is the king when it comes to premium video streaming service. It started out as a DVD rental service in the USA and expanded to the online market. As of January 2018, Netflix had 118 million subscribers worldwide.

Netflix came to India back in 2014 and has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. It has the massive library with lots of regional movies and global tv shows. Netflix originals like House of cards, Stranger Things, Black Mirror, Narcos, and many more are also the reason people subscribe to this service.

It has different subscriptions plans categorized by streaming quality and concurrent logins. Basic plan starts at Rs. 500 per month with 1 free month as an introductory offer. Premium plan also has 4K and HDR content for supported devices. You can also download the content for offline viewing. Although it is the costliest in the bunch but with massive library and amazing original titles makes it very compelling. Netflix is also starting to make regional shows.


  • Basic – INR 500/Month ( SD quality / 1 Device )
  • Standard –  INR 650/Month (HD quality/ 2 Devices )
  • Premium – INR 850/Month (HD/4K quality / 4 Devices )


  • Web, Mobile App, Smart Television, Xbox, PlayStation



2 – Amazon Prime Video

Best Video Streaming Services in India amazon prime video

This offering from e-commerce giant is among the best premium video streaming services in India. Prime video is also the leading alternative to Netflix in India. The biggest reason to choose Amazon Prime video in India is its price and benefits it offers. Currently, it is available for INR 999/Year which is truly a steal.

Talking about the additional benefits, on e-commerce end you get free/fast deliveries, early access to deals. You also get Amazon Prime music subscription for unlimited download and streaming.

Prime video has so many movies and tv shows both regional and international. Since last year, Amazon has been producing promising TV shows. Breath, Inside Edge, lakhon me ek and few international titles have gained a lot of positive reviews and ratings. 

One thing which we don’t like about Prime Video is its navigation. It is hard to find programs and search feature is also very poor. Unless you know the exact name, it is hard to find the exact results. You also can not filter shows by ratings, release date or any other aspects. Considering Amazon owns IMDB they can easily optimize these features.

You can also download shows for offline viewing and they also have 4K UHD and HDR content on supported devices. Another great thing about Prime video is there are no restrictions on active devices, a single account can be used on multiple devices.

Price –

  • Prime Bundle Plan – INR 999/Year ( Video, music, and e-commerce)


  • Web, Mobile App, Smart Television, Xbox, PlayStation

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3 – Hotstar

Best Video Streaming Services in India amazon hotstar

Hotstar is the king of Indian market when it comes to the active users. As of December 2017, Hotstar had over 75 million users while Netflix had 5 Million and prime video has 11 million users. Hotstar is owned by Star India private limited and offer lots of Bollywood movies and Indian tv shows. In free service, you have to deal with Ads. Hotstar is the best free movie streaming site.

Hotstar is also very popular for sports coverage. In India cricket is the biggest sport and Hotstar pretty much cover all the matches. It also has some international shows and movies but they are hidden behind the premium subscription. If you want to watch Game of Thrones in India, Hotstar is the only streaming service to provide it. Hotstar also offers great content from HBO, ABC, Showtime and many more.

Unless you are a premium subscriber you don’t have to sign in/sign up to watch the available content. Hotstar is available on Web, Android and iOS devices.

Like the competition, Hotstar has also invested in producing its original content.  On Air with AIB, M Bole Toh, and One Tip One Hand are some of the Hotstar originals.


  • Free – Free content with Ads
  • Premium – INR 199/Month


  • Web, Mobile App (Android and iOS)


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4 – HOOQ

Best Video Streaming Services in India amazon hooq

Hooq is a joint venture of Sony picture, WB, and Signtel. It basically operates in south-east Asia and was launched in India recently. Hooq is not as popular as other mentions in this post. They have over 10,000 movies and some of the popular TV shows (The Flash, Arrow, The Big Bang Theory, etc.)

Hooq has a decent user interface and nice mobile apps. You can also download the content for offline consumption. Premium subscription support up to 5 devices.

Apart from that, Hooq also has movie rentals. You can rent new titles for INR 59/movie. Hooq also has some original content which will be released in Philippines first followed by India and other regions.



  • Premium – INR 89/Month
  • Rent – INR 59/Movie


  • Web, Mobile App (Android and iOS)


5 – Sony LIV

Best Video Streaming Services in India amazon sonyliv

Sony LIV is owned by Sony Pictures India. You can say it is the best alternative to Hotstar. It follows the same philosophy. All the Sony TV shows and movies can be found on Sony LIV video streaming service. It also features sports content and regional content in native languages.

Some of the new offerings especially movies are hidden behind a subscription wall. Premium subscription also unlocks some live TV streaming. The user interface is okay and apps are available for Android and iOS devices. If you are looking for something free and fun Hotstar, Voot and Sony LIV are your only options.


  • Free
  • Premium – INR 49 for 1 month, INR 149 for 3 months, INR 499 for 12 months


  • Web, Mobile App (Android and iOS)


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6 – Eros Now

Eros now is the oldest on-demand video streaming service available in India. It was launched back in 2004 and is owned by Eros International. It has lots of content on offer ranging from songs, movies, and tv shows. If we talk about the Bollywood movies, Eros now is among the best video streaming services in India.

There are many free movies on offer but some of the latest offerings are limited to premium subscribers. You also need to create an account in order to access the free content.

The user interface is quite nice and video playback can adjust according to your internet speed.



  • Eros Now Basic – Free
  • Eros Now Plus – INR 49/Month
  • Eros Now Premium – INR 99/Month


  • Web, Mobile App (Android and iOS)


7 – Voot

Best Video Streaming Services in India amazon voot

Voot is becoming another great alternative to youtube and rising as the king of free video streaming service for movies and tv shows. It is among the best video streaming services in India right now.

Voot is owned by Viacom 18 Network and offers programs from Colors TV Network, MTV, Nickelodeon, etc. Besides TV shows it also has some movies in its library.

Voot also has a dedicated kids section featuring all the popular titles from cartoon network to Nickelodeon. It is the only service which doesn’t have any premium subscription and you also don’t need an account to access the content. It is available for Web, iOS, Android, and have Chromecast support

Voot also has some amazing web series like Chinese Bhasad, and It’s Not That Simple.


  • Free


  • Web, Mobile App (Android and iOS)


Conclusion – Best Video Streaming Services in India – Which One is Best for You?


When it comes to technology India is little slow. All the major technology takes sometimes to roll into the Indian market. It took a decade for smartphone market we have today. Just like that, Video streaming market will take some time too.

There are pros and cons to every service. If you are someone who just wants to stay updated on sports then Hotstar and SonyLiv is for you. Amazon Prime offers the most value for money. Netflix, on the other hand, is a premium service but the no of shows on offer are way ahead of its competition. Maybe Netflix might consider lowering its prices in future.

Hotstar also premium is also very compelling. Not only the prices are okay but the content is also not availble on any other service available in India.

Voot is kind of like a youtube alternative with good web series, movies, and tv shows.

Free – Voot
Free + Premium – Hotstar, Eros Now, Sony LIV
Premium – Netflix, Prime Video, Hooq

There are many on-demand video streaming services from all the major mobile network providers. There is Vodafone Play, jio movies, Airtel Movies etc. If you have a plan with your current provider. It makes a lot of sense to use them. So these were the best video streaming services in India.

Let us know which video streaming service do you use? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comment section below.

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