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Top 15 Legal Free Movie Download Websites List in 2020

Note: If you are a movie freak like I am. You will appreciate this post “Top 15 free movie download websites list” All of the websites mentioned here are completely legal. So you can be sure that you are not indulging in piracy or any illegal activity.

Movies are love, whenever we want to kickstart a weekend or a free day, movies are something which always comes to mind. Watching a movie in a theater is always fun, but we can’t do it all the time. Another option is to catch what’s coming on the television but it not always what you want to see. In this post, we have 15 plus ways you can watch or download movies and that too legally.

I am sure many of us have downloaded movies in the past. Either by the means of torrent or other websites. But most of them are illegal and you can invite a lot of junk into your device. Sometimes these websites also host shady extensions which can also cripple your browser.

In recent times, video streaming services in India has gained a significant following. There are lots of free streaming services Voot, Sony, and Hotstar which also provides a good number of choices. True free video streaming services don’t always offer what you want to see and sometimes they are hidden behind a paywall. So today, we have top 15 free movie download websites list. All the websites listed here are completely free, safe, and 100% legal.

Top 15 Legal Free Movie Download Websites List ( 2018)

1 – The Internet Archive

free movie download websites list

The Internet Archive is an amazing website which offers books, videos, film download, music, and much more stuff. You can download movies for free or stream them online. If you want to download a particular movie, they also offer the torrent option for downloading. Internet Archive has a large library of movies ranging from silents films to modern classics.

You can also search movies by category and see what’s playing. You can watch the animation, drama, action, comedy, horror, and much more. Internet Archive has lots of filters that make it easier to find something specific.

Movies are also available in regional languages, so if you are from a different part of the world. There would be something that you could enjoy.  All the movies listed on The Internet Archive come under Public Domain so they are available for free download.

2 – YouTube

free movie download hd

YouTube is synonymous with videos. It hosts millions of videos ranging from comedy to inspirational videos. You could also film full-length feature films on YouTube.  Sometimes there would be illegal uploads but there is some channel that uploads movies that comes under the Public domain.

  1. Goldmines Hindi
  2. Bollykick 
  3. Venus Movies
  4. Ultra Movie parlor
  5. Rajshri
  6. Shemaroo

All the channels mentioned above will provide you with a good number of Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu movies. There are some channels which also upload the latest Punjabi movies. If you are looking for English movies, there are channels like The Paramount Vault and Maverick Movies. They have a wide range of English movies. You can check the playlist section to see what is being offered. From our perspective, YouTube is the best place to watch and download films in HD and Ultra HD resolutions. YouTube also has a very smooth streaming experience.

3 – Crackle

free movie download

Yet another great free movie download website is It is a video streaming service from Sony so you have a big library of movies to choose from. You will require an account and once registered and logged in you can start using it.

They also have a lot of original tv shows on the offer which is another great plus in our opinion. Originally it was known as Grouper and currently, it is known as Sony Crackle.

You can also stream videos to smart devices such as a tablet, smart tv, streaming box ( Apple TV, ROKU, Chromecast ), and gaming consoles. All you need to do is add the streaming device on your account and you can stream media on supported devices. Playback is also nice on the web and other devices.

They have movies from all the main genre and production houses including sony entertainment. Since it is a free service, you have to cope up with the advertisements.

4 – Popcornflix

popcornflix free hd movies downlaod

In the free movie download websites list, popcornflix is yet another great choice. It is a US-based streaming service with lots of movies, tv shows and original content on offer for free. You can choose from action, drama, comedy, family and much more.

Popcornflix is available in the US and Canada with plans to bring it to other countries in the future. So if you are trying to stream movies or tv shows we would recommend using a VPN. They offer advertisement so if you have Adblock in your browser, you have to disable it. You can also stream media on other devices such as Play station, Xbox, Windows and iPhone/iPad.

Popcornflix mostly offers independent films, so you won’t find all the titles here. They also have their own original (Web series) content under their production.

5 – Open Culture

open culture free movie download compressor

Just like The Internet Archive, open culture also has a lot of free stuff on offer. Not only you could watch movies on the open culture, they also have ebooks, online courses, audio books, language lessons, and textbooks.

Talking about the films, they have a large library of films. They have old movies from comedy to documentaries. They also have a selection of Oscar winners for those looking for perfection. Open Culture also have categories from Charlie Chaplin movies, silent movies, Hitchcock movies, and silent movies. You can check the website you will find a lot of options to choose from.

6 – Retrovision

retrovision classi movies compressor

Retrovision is the goldmine for movie lovers. It is one of the best free movie download websites list. It has so many movies on offer, from all the genre. You can also enjoy tv series on this website. I especially like their comedy section. All the movies listed there are timelessly classic and you will enjoy them a lot. Just like the open culture the also have movies from famous directors.

Retrovision also have an Android app which is helpful if you want to catch something on the go. If you are using the browser you can also install their Chrome App for faster access.

Overall Retrovision is really amazing website when it comes to free movie download. They also have everything perfectly categorized which is another plus. One thing to keep in mind that, the movies available on Retrovision are classics.

7 – Yahoo View

yahoo view free movie download compressor

Yahoo view is a video on-demand streaming service. They have a lot of content from popular US channels like ABC, NBC, and Fox network. Yahoo view provides all the streaming service in partnership with HULU.

There are lots of latest tv shows and movies. Yahoo view is only available in the USA so if you are outside of USA you will require a VPN to access that content. Yahoo View has over 1000 hours of free content. In the movie section, they have a wide range of movies on offer from the different genre. Streaming quality is also very seamless and good. With good bandwidth, you can enjoy the streaming without any hiccups.

8 – Classic Cinema Online


If you are into old classic movies, classic cinema online is the place for you. They have a large library of good old movies. They also have a large number of good old TV series which are perfect for binge watching.

The site is really nice and everything is laid out perfectly. They also have categorized movies by genre which makes it easier to find what you looking for.

Classic Cinema Online also have some amazing documentaries and silent films. Their recommended feature also provide good watching opportunities. Streaming quality is very nice and you can enjoy the seamless experience.

9 – Movies Found Online

movies found online compressor

Movies found online is among the best and free movie download websites list. They have the wide verity of movies, documentaries, short films, tv series, viral videos, and comedy videos.

Movies found online has films ranging from old to new. Though all the content on offer is free you have to deal with annoying ads. The site is also regularly updated with the latest content.

The most viewed video section has some good selection of movies, short films, documentaries and viral videos. You can check out the website to know more.

10 – WatchDocumentaries

watchdocumentaries compressor

If you want to learn something new, learn about famous historical events or learn about a person documentaries are the best way to do it. WatchDocumentaries is the site if you are into documentaries.

They have a wide variety of documentaries on popular events and persons. They have categorized it in a nice way, which makes it easier to look for something. All the documentaries available on the site comes under public domain so they are free to watch and download. I recently watched the documentary on The Vietnam war and it was very informational.

11 – Top Documentary Films

top documantary films compressor

Top Documentary Films is among them to download movies for free online. It was launched back in 2007 and ever since they have provided their viewers with lots of great documentaries. It is more or less same as the Watch Documentary.

One thing which I like about the TDF is they have top 100 category which makes it easier to find most popular documentaries of all time. TDF started its journey as a one-man blog. Currently, they have moderators and they help in keeping everything in order. TDF has over 3000 documentaries published on their website. There are over 25 different categories to help you find specifics.

12 – Public Domain Torrents

If you want to download a film for free public domain torrents is the way to go. It is one of the oldest site offering public domain films to download in various formats. Unlike any other torrent site, this doesn’t host any ads or other stuff.

You will not find the latest offerings on this website but they have some good classic and old movies. Since there is no option for streaming the videos/films you will require a torrent client to download the movies. You can check Top 10 Best Torrent Clients for Windows.

13 – Pluto TV

pluto tv compressor

Pluto TV is a great way to watch movies, series, live events including sports, concerts and much more. Pluto TV is a Las Angeles based streaming service which was launched in 2013. Most of the content available is free and they make money by the means of advertising.

You can also run pluto TV on a number of devices with their native app. It is available for Xbox, PlayStation, Apple TV, Android, iOS, and much more. Just like Yahoo view, Pluto TV also has a deal with Hulu to provide with free content. Pluto TV is an all in one solution for catching up on Movies, tv shows, live tv, and live events.  They have over 6 million active monthly users.

14 – SnagFilms 

snagfilms compressor

SnagFilms was launched back in 2008 and they have over 5000 films including documentaries. If you love National Geography, they offer a lot of documentaries from NGC.

It is also a site for sharing your own creation especially documentaries. This site makes money from advertising so you have to deal with them. They also host TV series, comedy short films, and independent films for downloading. If you want to enjoy movies on the go, you can also download the official app for Android, iPhone, and iPad. You can also stream the content on your smart TV.

15 – Viewster

viewster free movie download compressor

Viewster is among the best free movies download website. They are based out of Switzerland and offer video with advertisements. All the content on offer comes under Public domain so it is free to viewing and consuming.

Viewster was launched in 2007 and they have a huge user base ( 39 Million). Another great thing about Viewster is that you don’t have to register or login to view the content. Service is available in over 120 countries.

They have TV shows, Movies, Anime, short clips, and other great content ( Over 12000 Titles ). As of 2014, Viewster was ranked in top 10 video streaming service in the USA.

Bonus Websites/Services

1 – Zero Dollar Movies

It is a website which looks for free ( Public domain ) movies on youtube and indexes them on the website in a beautiful manner. Everything is categorized practically. You can find movies in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and English.

You can also search movies by year.  This service was created by the Amit Agarwal. You can check the website to learn more.

2 – Streaming Services

In India, there are many free video streaming services which provide a lot of free movies. These services provide latest movies in great resolution. You can watch latest movies in HD, full HD. They also have native mobile apps so you can enjoy the content on the go.

  • Voot 
  • Eros Now 
  • Sony LIV
  • Hotstar 

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So these were our picks for the best and free movies download websites list. Did you find this article helpful? Did we miss anything?

Do let us know in the comment section below.

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