Must Have Best Microsoft Apps for Android

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There is no doubt that Microsoft makes good software. They have the biggest share in PC OS market in the world and is one of the most valuable company. Starting all this from an operating system for computer and now Microsoft is almost every section of technology. Back in days, Microsoft tired their luck with a mobile operating system but it was a sad ending for the windows phones.

Microsoft makes apps for other operating systems as well. They have released high-quality apps for both iOS and Android. In this post, we have some of the best and highly recommended, best Microsoft apps for Android.

Earlier when Microsoft was pushing its own mobile platform, they were ignoring the rivals. Only numbered apps were available for Google and iOS. But ever since Microsoft pulled the plug on windows phone, they have been creating some of the best Microsoft apps for Android devices. Microsoft Office apps are always gonna be on the top of the list, so we are going to talk about the apps which are gaining popularity in Play Store.



Best Microsoft Apps for Android



Microsoft Launcher


Earlier it was known as Arrow launcher. Which was in a way a quite unique and interesting launcher. Now it is named Microsoft launcher and it has few tricks up its sleeves. The launcher has unique features, enhanced design, and optimized performance. It has gesture, icon pack support and backup & import option.

This makes Microsoft Launcher a very compelling when compared to the Nova Launcher. It also has integration capabilities with wunderlist, outlook, and Microsoft office apps. You can utilize “Continue to PC” which is yet another great feature form Microsoft. It is especially helpful if you are editing a word, excel file on the go and want to continue the work with your computer. This feature works if you sign in with Microsoft account, though not perfect, it is certainly a welcome feature.

Link – Microsoft Launcher


Cortana For Android

best microsoft apps for andriod


If you have used Windows 10, Cortana is nothing new to you. It is Microsoft’s answer to Siri and Google assistant. Microsoft has launched Cortana on Googe play store as an unreleased app. You can sync your PC with your mobile device for the more seamless experience.

Being an unreleased version, Cortana for Android has quite a few improvements. In some cases, it is said to have much better than Google Assistant. Another advantage Microsoft Cortana has is that you can use it on Android 4.4 and higher. On the other hand, Google Assistant available for Android 6.0 and higher.

Like any other voice assistant, it can do all the basic tasks from reminders, weather, news and other cool stuff. One feature which stands out is “Continue to PC” which works best with this app. You have to sign in to your Microsoft account in Cortana app. You can receive notification right on your pc/Laptop and you can even reply them from the PC itself.

Link – Cortana For Android


Microsoft Outlook

best microsoft apps for andriod

When we talk about email clients, Microsoft outlook has its unique appearance. If you compare it with other major email clients or brand specific clients this has a lot going for. If you are invested in Microsoft ecosystem, you should definitely consider getting Outlook app for your Android device.

Outlook not only has smart inbox management, it also has integration with calendar and cloud storage. It can also integrate with Microsoft office apps which makes it even more appealing. Like any other email client, you can also sign in with your other email address.

Link – Microsoft Outlook


One Drive

best microsoft apps for andriod

OneDrive is Microsoft’s answer to Google Drive and iCloud. You can upload documents, files, and photos from you Android to sync them with PC or Mac.  OneDrive also provides the automatic backup of the camera photos and videos from your phone.

The only drawback this app has it storage availability, Just like iCloud it only provides 5GB of free storage. Like we have mentioned earlier if you are invested a lot in Microsoft ecosystem then buying extra storage shouldn’t be a problem. Onedrive is also integrated with Windows 10 which is another advantage.

If you use Android One or Pixel device then you are better off with Google Drive. For starters, Google is providing free unlimited storage for photos without compromising the photo quality.

Link – Microsoft OneDrive


SMS Organizer – Clean, Blocker, Reminders & Backup

best microsoft apps for andriod


SMS organizer is among the best Microsoft apps for Android. Not only it is an SMS app but it adds lot more functionality and features appreciated by everyone.

When you download the app, it will ask you to register with a mobile number. Mobile number registration is required to filter the incoming SMS. Not only this app filters them, it categorizes them into personal, promotional, transactional. Another amazing feature offered by the app is ease of OTP messages. You can directly copy them when OTP is received.


Best Microsoft Apps for Android

So here you have it, some of our favorite apps from Microsoft. Even though these apps are offered on the rival platform but there is no compromise on quality. If you are an iPhone user most of these apps are also available for iOS.

Let us know which Microsoft service do you use on regular basis? If you have any suggestion about adding a new app to this list, let us know via commenting below.

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