Paid Android Apps For Free: How to Legally Download?

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Who doesn’t like free stuff and if a premium thing is available on discount or for free. It is the best feeling. This post is for those people who are looking a way to get paid android apps for free ( Legally ).

One of the biggest advantages of Android Phones is that you can heavily customize it. Another biggest advantage is liberty to download as many apps as you want. Google Play store has millions of apps available for devices. Some of them are free, some of them are paid.

Although we can get most our work done with the free apps but sometimes paid app or game is so compelling that you got to have it. It could be a game or productivity app or even a photo editing app.  So if you are wondering, if there is a way to download paid android apps and games for free? Well, you are in luck. Today in this post, we have 5 ways for you to get paid android apps for free and that too legally.


Paid Android Apps For Free [ 5 Ways ]


Amazon App Store 

Paid Android Apps For Free

There is no doubt that, Google play store is the industry leader when it comes to the apps. Amazon also has an app store and to gain more followers they provide the popular paid app for free every day.

All you need to do is install the Amazon App store on your phone and you can get the latest premium apps for free. Since you can not install the Amazon App store from Google Play store. You have to download the APK and install it manually.

Additionally, you also need an Amazon account and enable some permission to use it. Once Amazon app store is installed, you will get the daily updates for free apps.


Google Opinion Rewards

Another great way to download paid android apps for free is Google Opinion Rewards. It is basically a survey app wherein returns to your input you get Google Play store credit.

You can use this credit to purchase an app or even make in-app purchases. You will be notified once a survey is available and when you successfully do a survey you receive the store credit.


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Aptoid is an independent app store where you can get your hands on premium games and apps without spending a single penny. Like other shady app stores, this one follows the strict guidelines when it comes to the security. Always download an app which has trusted stamp on it.

You can also download apps which are available on discount. You can download and install Aptoid on your phone and you can start browsing for the free premium apps on offer.


Freapp – Free Apps Daily

Freapp is available on Google Play store to download. It will give you updates on free/discounted games and applications available for download on the store. The great thing about this app is that you don’t have to install app store or do any surveys.

Developers sometimes offer their creations for free/discount as a promotion. Freapp will let you know wherever there is one. Freapp is also a community where you follow other users and discover great apps.

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Play Store Sales 

Paid Android Apps For Free play store sales

Another great way to get paid android app for free is play store sales. They feature all the apps available for free or on discount. They will list all the deals on their page and you can download apps from Google Play store.

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Final Thoughts  – Download Paid Android Apps and Games For Free


So these were some of the most popular ways you can download premium application and games for your phone. The great thing about these methods is that you are sure the apps you are downloading are safe. They will not mess with your device or privacy. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comment section below.


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