Restore View Image in Google Image Search in Chrome and Firefox (How to)

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Most of us use Google Image search on daily basis. Earlier if you click on an image there used to be five options, visit, view image, save, view saved, and share.

Google removed the View Image button without any notice. And once people noticed, the internet went crazy.

View Image button would directly link to the image location on the web. Making it easier to download the image.

Google has removed the View image button as a part of the deal they made with Getty Images. You can learn more about it here

restore view image in google image search

People can still download the images but now it has become a longer process.

If you miss that view image button. We have come up with a solution, you can restore view image in Google Image search on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser and it is very simple to do.


Restore View Image in Google Image Search


All you need to do is download an extension.

restore view image in google image search 1

In your Chrome Browser, follow this link and add View Image extension to your Chrome.

Download For Chrome – View Image

View Image started as a GitHub Project and it is an open source. You can Learn more about it Here

Once you added the extension and you do your image search. View Image button would be restored in the search options.

restore view image in google image search 2


This extension is also available for Mozilla Firefox. If you are Firefox user, you can download the addon from link provided below

Download For Firefox – View Image 


So this is how you restore view image in Google Image Search in Chrome and FireFox. As of making this post, this extension was available for Firefox and Chrome. In future, it will also be available for Opera and other browsers.

So what do you think of the decision Google made? Would you be adding this extension in your browser? Let us know in the comment section below.

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