Top 12 Best RSS Readers for Your Mobile

Top 12 Best RSS Readers for Your Mobile Device

As of 2018 RSS is not that popular it is used to be. It is considered one of the best way to catch up on your favorite content spread around the web. The Internet has millions of site. Back in 2013 when Google got rid of Google reader, there was the rise of many great RSS reader for web and phones. If you like to keep yourself updated with the latest stuff you care about, RSS is a great way to do that. In this post, we have compiled top 12 best RSS readers for your mobile device (Android and iOS).


Top 12 Best RSS Readers for Your Mobile Device


1 – Feedly

Top 12 Best RSS Readers for your mobile device

Number one on the list is Feedly which is the best RSS reader for Web, Android and iOS devices. It is one of the best RSS reader app to have if you want to follow your favorite blog, news site, a magazine on the internet. There is support for third-party apps such as Evernote, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and IFTTT. The layout is also very minimal and you can also customize it according to your liking.

Download (Android/iOS)


2 – Flipboard

Top 12 Best RSS Readers for your mobile device

Flipboard is another great RSS reader for your mobile device. It features a very attractive UI along with some slick animations. Some phone manufacturers even feature this as a default news reader on their devices. Even though it is not as powerful as Feedly but it gets the job done. If you are looking for something fun to use and looks good, this should be your choice. It is also featured as editor’s choice on Google Play store.

Download (Android/iOS)


3 – gReader

Top 12 Best RSS Readers for your mobile device

gReader is another great addition to this list. It will bring out that nostalgia when you used the google reader. It is very minimalistic and old school. It features the material design which many people appreciate. You can also sign in with your Feedly account and have all your content in one place. This app comes in both free and pro version. Pro version has some additional features such as ad-free content along with the auto download of videos and audio. There is also support for themes to make it a more personalized experience. Additional features include offline reading, night mode, voice reading and podcast support.

Download – Android



4 – Inoreader

Top 12 Best RSS Readers for your mobile device

Inoreader takes things differently. It provides you with categories to choose from. It will create a personalize the feed as per your choice and you can read them. The best thing about Inoreader is that it’s completely free with no in-app purchase and advertisements. With material design, it is pleasing to look at. Additional features include offline reading, device sync, smart search and support for read-tracking. It is available for both iOS and Android.

Download (Android/iOS)


5 – News Republic

Top 15 Best RSS Readers for Your Mobile Device

Not only it is one of the best news app available for your mobile devices, it is also an RSS reader. You can choose from the provided list of news source and get the latest updates from them. If you want to follow additional blogs, magazines or websites you can add them to RSS. It also has additional features like trending news, video news, sports news, and offline access. You can also sign up with your email address to keep your preferences. As of now, News Republic doesn’t support Facebook/Google login. It also has a premium subscription at $2.99/year which will unlock some additional features.

Download (Android/iOS)


6 – News360


News360 is a personalized reader app available for Android, iOS, and the web. It is pretty smart too, it analyzes your patterns and provides you with the news you cared about most. It has a great UI with support for offline reading, social media integration, cross-platform support, and sync. Though this app is offered free you have to deal with some ads. It has the plethora of content to choose from.

Download (Android/iOS)


7 – Read – Simple RSS Reader

read simple rss reader

As the name suggests, it is simple RSS reader without any ads or too much stuff on it. It is one of the simplest app available for your Android device. You can add your favorite sources and podcasts to catch up on the stuff you care about. Read simple RSS reader also has the option for offline reading and custom notification from your favorite source.

Download – Android


8 – Palabre


In the list of the top 12 best RSS readers for your mobile device, Palabre takes a traditional approach. This is reader which supports the verity of reader including Feedly, Inoreader, the old reader, and Twitter. The design is materialistic and UI is also intuitive with lots of customization options. Though theme support is there for that you have to opt for pro version. As of now, it is only available for Android devices including with the support for Android wear.

Download – Android 


9 – Flym News Reader

flym news reader

Flym news reader is a great open source app for your android device. It has almost all the features which you might expect. Flym is also an ad-free app without any in-app purchases. It also has a material design with light and dark themes. It also supports OPML which makes switching easy.

Download – Android



10 – Podcast Addict

podcast addict

Podcast Addict is for those people who love podcasts. Most of the RSS reader featured here have support for the podcast. Many apps make it secondary but Podcast addict is podcast app first and RSS reader second. It supports RSS and you can subscribe to your desired content. This app has over 5 million downloads and has lots of features. All though it has ads if you get the pro version you can get rid those.

Download – Android 


11 – Panda


Panda is one of the most innovative ways to read news on your devices. If you are a chrome user, you can truly use it. Panda is available for web, chrome browser, and iOS devices. It has simple design and fun to use. With the inclusion of bookmark and night mode is just cherry on top. You would be able to do more on the web with this reader.

Download ( Chrome / iOS )



12 – NewsBlur


NewsBlur is another great addition to top 12 best RSS readers for your mobile device. It is an RSS reader which also include the social platform. You can discover, read and share stories with like-minded people. NewsBlur is available for Android, iOS, and for the web. It has many features including, night mode, offline reading, friends, blurblog, sync with other devices, and many more. On the free version you can subscribe to 64 sites and for $24.99/year you can subscribe to unlimited sites.

Download (Android/iOS)


Conclusion – Top 12 Best RSS Readers for your mobile device


So here you have it top 12 best RSS Readers for your mobile device, our picks for the best RSS readers you might wanna consider next time. Some of them are only available for Android but if you have iOS device you can choose from popular ones. Feedly is great with cross-platform support. My personal favorite is Feedly and Inoreader. Let us know which RSS reader do you use?

If you want to suggest something, let us know in the comment section below.

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