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Web browser are essential part of any smart device. Now a days TVs comes equipped with web browser and they are crucial part of life. Now when it comes to linux it is important to choose the best and stable one. If we take a look at the available ones, there are many browsers to choose from. So if you are a tech geek and use Linux, we have complied a list of best browser to choose from. All of them are free to download.



Mozilla Firefox

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Firefox is the most popular browser among developer and web designers. It was initially released back in 2002 and become a instant hit. Many people don’t know that; when Firefox was launched back in 2002, it was called Pheonix and later on it was renamed to Firebird. It wasn’t until 2004 that it became infamous Firefox.

This browser comes pre-install with most of the Linux distros, For windows if you want to use something other than IE /Edge you should give Firefox a try. Main advantage with Firefox is the memory management. It will not slow down your computer if it mediocre on specs. Firefox is available for Windows, Linux and Mac.




Google Chrome


linux browsers chrome

Google chrome is great browser by the search giant. Chances are if you are reading this article you must be using chrome. It is a light weight , responsive and fast browser. Beside that, support for extension is cherry on top. Chrome web store has thousands of amazing web apps and extension to increase your productivity. This browser is available for cross platfrom ranging from linux, mac and windows to mobile devices.






Opera was always a quite player, it never took off as Firefox and Chrome did. Although in the early days, their mobile browser Opera mini was very popular. Opera has some amazing feature, among them was speed dial. Which can increase the browsing experience and also help you save the data. Now Opera has moved towards the chromium project. They have kept the original feel. It has now support of chrome web app store.





linux browsers epiphany

This is the official browser of Gnome project. Earlier it was known as Epiphany. This browser comes with clean interface and a WebKit-based browser. They have recently dropped the support for add-ons, but some essential add-ons are now part of the browser. filtering, Greasemonkey support and mouse gestures are among the integrated add-ons in the browser.






linux browsers midori

Midori is a yet another great browser which is light weight and capable of good performance. Comes with support for both GTK+ 2 and GTK+ 3. Midori is one of fastest browser available for Linux, due to this reason it became the default browser in some Linux distros. It also comes with support for user scripts and styles, smart bookmarks, ad blocking, mouse gestures, and a speed dial, among other things.




linux browsers

Lynx is a different kind of browser. It is text based and runs on terminal. It is good for situations when you are troubleshooting and want to find text based solutions.Lynx doesn’t do much: it renders text from web pages. It has no support for images or video or Javascript. Consequently, it’s blazing fast, and fairly secure.


What is your favorite browser ? let us know in the comment section below.
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  1. Hello Ashish,

    Nice post I must say. I see most of us writing about browsers for Windows or Mac. But, you have done a good job by listing browsers for Linux. My most favorite is Chrome everywhere whether it is Windows, Linux or Phone. I am a hardcore user of it.

    Good Day.

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