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Ultimate Guide to Make iPhone Faster | Quick & Easy Tips | 2020 Edition

Quick Note – If you are using an older version of iPhone ( 5/5S/6/6S/SE/7/plus) and it had become slower. (By the usage or after upgrading it to a newer version of iOS) We have the ultimate guide to make iPhone faster, there are some quick and easy tips. It will result in faster and more responsive iPhone.

Whenever Apple announces a new iPhone they would become the industry standard for being the fastest phones. If we talk about the benchmarks and specification alone, latest models have shown higher score than some laptops. But with every new iPhone coming out each year, older ones start to lag behind and sometimes slowing down to a noticeable state.

Agreed that any phone, electronics, hardware or machinery is not intended to work forever. After a certain time iPhones become obsolete. If we give a brand new iPhone 3G you won’t be able to do much on that device.

Over time, with sheer usage, wear and tear and software updates, iPhones become slower. So if your iPhone is working slow or unresponsive, apps take forever to open and the phone is generally slow. This post is for you. We have compiled the list of quick and easy tips to make iPhone faster.

Sometimes a software update can also cripple your iPhone. There was a lot of news about the iOS update which left many iPhone bricked. If you are running on low storage, even new iPhone can struggle to perform. Bad internet speed can also make it look like that your device is running slow. For instance, if you are using Instagram, Youtube, or browsing the internet you will feel the sluggishness.

Ultimate Guide to Make iPhone Faster ( Quick & Easy Tips )

Before talking about the tips to make iPhone faster, we should ask yourself why is my iPhone slowing down?

Why is my iPhone Slowing Down? (After Update)

Like we mentioned earlier any piece of hardware/machinery is not intended to work forever. After a point in time, it will become obsolete and you will have to upgrade to the newer and latest version.

Obsolescence is the biggest reason for a particular device to slow down. Computers are a good example of this. There are three types of obsolescence.

Technological Obsolescence:

We all remember those good old cameras which use the films to capture photos. And when the digital cameras came to market, film cameras lost their popularity. This is a perfect example of technological obsolescence. Even though film cameras were not bad per say but a better and advanced technology came in.

Another example which comes to mind is the invention of the USB port. it replaced all the standard port which was used earlier in computers. Technological obsolescence is a good thing. It is done to make it better and more reliable.

Planned Obsolescence / Built-in Obsolescence:

The most company does these but will not admit to it publically. Sometimes it happens due to the budget of a device and sometimes to make a profit. You may have heard about the Apple update problem, whenever you did a software update (iOS) on your iPhone, it made your phone slower.

In the defense, Apple admitted to doing that. but they gave a totally different explanation. According to Apple, they were doing it preserve the usability. As the phone gets older, so does the internal parts and so does the battery. To make sure that customer can expect the same battery life, they made the phone clock speed slower.

It is all well and good, but many people pointed out that if their intentions were good. They should have mentioned it to there customers. Apple, however, promised that from the upcoming iOS updates, customers will have the option to choose between battery life and performance.

How to Make iPhone Faster in 2020 ( Even after update )

1 – Getting Rid of Large Apps/Rarely Used Apps

This is the best way to free up space on your old iPhone and make is faster on iOS 11. There are times when we have some apps which we hardly use and they are there just eating up space. Not only some apps can take up a lot of space, background syncing and low space can make your phone sluggish.

It is one of the simplest ways to free up space and make your phone feel faster.

2 – Migrate Old Photos, Video and Music

Second tips to make your phone smooth and fast is to migrate files like photos, videos, and music. If you feel that you no longer require something, you could also delete it from your iPhone.

If you like to listen to music and have lots of songs downloaded on your device. We would recommend you to stream it. It may be much more convenient. Not only you will save a lot of space on your device, it will make your phone feel much more snappy.

3 – Delete old Text Messages

make iPhone faster

Agreed, that text messages don’t eat up that much space. But when you have 2-3 years of old messages still rotting your iPhone. They can capture the significant amount of storage. You should get rid of those old text/promotional messages. If you have your phone above iOS 10, it will allow you to select multiple messages.

Just select the edit button on the top left corner and you can select and delete the entire conversation.

4 – Delete Browser Cache

We use safari on our iPhone and most people don’t install other browsers. If you have never deleted the history and cache, it will consume a lot of space which results in slower performance.

Deleting the browser cache will free up some space on your phone. It will not only make your iPhone faster but also make the browsing much more pleasant.

Step 1 – Click on the settings icon

Step 2 – Scroll down to Safari 

iphone faster compressor

Step 3 – You are now in the safari settings. Go to the very bottom and click on “Clear history and website data” and select “Clear history and data

5 – Reduce Animations

Apple makes iOS with nice and fluid animation. If you have a brand new device it looks very amazing but as the device gets old, it can slow down the experience.

apps to make iphone faster

Great way to make your phone feel faster is to turn off all animation and make your phone more performance oriented. To do this simply go to Settings > General > Accessibility and enable the “Reduce Motion” option. (It is off by default)

6 – Turn off automatic app downloads and updates

turn off automatic apps download and updates compressor

The background process can also make your iPhone feel slow. Another way to make iPhone faster by turning off automatic app updates and downloads. When it is off the phone will not constantly sync and look for updates.

You can head over to the settings > iTunes & App Stores and toggle off Apps and Updates.

7 – Disable Background Refresh

Disable Background Refresh compressor

On any smartphone, there is background refresh to check for incoming notification and updates. For example, mail app needs background refresh to update you about the incoming emails. Just like it, messaging app will keep refresh to keep you up to date with latest messages.

But there are some apps which don’t need constant background refreshes. They will end up eating up phone’s resources, making it slower and also reduce the battery life.

Simply go to Settings > General > Scroll down and select Background App Refresh > Select and turn off the apps which aren’t essential. Note: You will receive the push notifications for all the apps.

8 – Turn Off Location Service

iphone locaction services compressor

Having location service turned on is not a bad thing. But sometimes you are using an app which doesn’t necessarily need GPS to work and it will look for updated location and slow your iPhone, and drain the battery.

Even if you are using a new iPhone, it can also affect the battery performance. So the best bet is to keep the location service unless you need it (For Maps and Navigation).

To turn off location service: Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Turn it off. You should also turn off location service for apps.

9 – Check for Latest iOS Updates

software updates compressor

Software updates provide you with bug fixes and performance upgrades. Check if you have any pending iOS updates and if yes then update it to the latest version.

Some people might argue that not upgrading the phone is the best bet. But as it gets older it not only becomes security risk but also slows down. For iOS 12 and plus, users will have the option to choose from better performance and battery life.

To check for software updates: Settings > General > Software Updates.

Note : iPhone will also give you push notification for any pending software updates.

10 – Restart Your iPhone

Sometimes a simple restart can also make iPhone faster. So restarting your iPhone every once in awhile is not a bad thing. To restart the iPhone: Hold the power button and slide to shut down iPhone. Hold the power button again to turn it back on.

11 – Reset Your iPhone

If nothing works form the mentioned tips, another thing you could do is reset your phone.

Settings > General > Scroll down to bottom, and tap Reset > Choose Reset All Content and Settings.

Resetting your phone will delete all your personal settings, files, and apps. We would recommend you to take a full backup before resetting your device.

12 – Replace Your Battery 

Since old iPhone has worn out batteries, getting the battery replaced will make it feel like a new device. We would recommend you to get this done from the certified apple service center. Another thing to keep in mind is that, don’t go for the third party battery. iOS will not consider it as a new battery and you will end up where you started.

13 – Replace/Upgrade

We know this is the ultimate guide for making your old iPhone fast. But it none of the options satisfying you than your last bet is to get a new device. You can exchange your old iPhone for a newer model and enjoy the amazing performance.

14 – Don’t Clear Your Recent Apps. ( Battery Life )

Clearing recently opened apps ( Double tap on the home button and swiping up) from your iPhone will affect battery life or in some cases performance. Even Apple officials have confirmed it, iOS is optimized for performance/battery life and clearing recent apps will affect the performance.

Technically if you force quit a certain app and you load it again, it will take longer and use more resources. Apple has optimized iOS and when an app is in the background it will just be sitting there.

I know it is a debatable topic, but one of my friend stopped force quiting apps and notice that the phone is performing

You can read more about this here


So these were some quick and easy tips to make iPhone faster. We can not promise that it will result in the performance of the brand new device but it will make it much more usable.

There are some apps to make iPhone faster (PC Software). They can clean up your phone and take care of the junk.

Do share your experience if this guide helped you. If you have any doubts or queries do let us know in the comment section below.

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